Alimentary pyramidHealthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential to a good physical and intellectual development and for the promotion of health and well-being. A healthy dietary pattern must be balanced, wholesome, varied and pleasant, taking into account a few basic rules:

  • On getting up in the morning, have a complete, varied and balanced breakfast;
  • Don’t go for too long without eating;
  • Eat at regular intervals, on average every three and a half hours;
  • Include vegetables and fruit in your meals every day;
  • Include a sufficient amount of farinaceous (such as bread, potatoes, rice or pasta, among others) in your diet;
  • Reduce the amount of sugar that you add to your food or beverages;
  • Eat pastry and confectionery only on special occasions;
  • Eat the amount of food that is necessary and adjusted to your needs;
  • Drink enough water, tea or other liquids (at least 1.5 l/day).


Tips for a Healthy Diet