Food Quality and Security PolicySicasal’s mission to meet the needs and expectations of its customer regarding the slaughtering and butchering of pork, the manufacture of pork and poultry products (smoked, cooked, cured and sterilized) and the marketing and distribution of pork, pork and poultry products, is committed to upholding and promoting the principles of sustainable development, thus continuously seeking to create value for its shareholders and other stakeholders.

Sicasal’s Board of Directors is committed to adopting an ethical and socially responsible management model and to a balanced inclusion of economic, social and environmental aspects in its decisions.

Promoting and guaranteeing the food quality and security policy, permanently safeguarding and protecting infrastructures, people and goods, preventing and combating unlawful interference in the provision of services and minimizing damage caused by natural events.

In accordance with these guidelines, Sicasal’s Board of Directors undertakes to apply the following principles in its activities:

  • Ensure compliance with the legislation in force and the contractual requirements assumed with Customers.
  • Guarantee that product requirements are consistently satisfied, in particular food safety, quality, process and specification.
  • Constantly manage the food quality and safety system for continuous improvement.
  • Promote the professional development of its employees, to ensure that their skills are aligned with their roles.
  • Involve all employees, suppliers and service providers in adhering to the above mentioned principles and commitments.
  • Maintain communication with relevant stakeholders on Food Security related issues.

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