Myths about pork

Cured HamMyth: Pork is a fatty meat.
Fact: In reality, there are 7 cuts of pork that contain less fat than skinless chicken breast.

Myth: Pork is dry and tasteless.
Fact: Pork reaches maximum juiceness and flavour when cooked, leaving the middle slightly pink. Pork can become dry when overcooked – too well done. So, if you want succulent and soft pork, do not let it become overcooked. Try to cook pork as you would cook beef.

Myth: Pork should always be well done.
Fact: This is not necessary when you buy good quality meat, from a reliable source. To ensure your safety, make sure you buy certified meat.

Myth: Pork is difficult to cook.
Fact: Preparing pork is quick and easy. It just needs 4 minutes in a frying pan.

Myth: Pork is outdated.
Fact: Pork is a smart choice. There are cuts of pork that are extremely low in fat. Besides, pork is a great source of essential nutrients. It goes well with a huge variety of flavours and can be cooked in a number of interesting ways.

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